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  • Title:Manual for G1505 keyboard

    Hi there, I bought your G1505 keyboarde via Amazon. Really a nice product! Unfortunately there is no good user manual included. Only for small one. I need to know how to change the layout from US key layout to EU layout. Z key is presently Y and so on. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Lars

    Admin reply

    Hi Lars, thanks for your order. Because the layout is US English language. Please add the langugage input in your iPad Pro. For example, add the Germany input in the Setting. And you could use it in the keyboard. Note: not all languages could be useing in the keyboard, because there are many lanugages in Europe. And for KEYBOARD Bluetooth chip should burn the language program. It could connect the PC under Windows to burn. Please let me know how's it work. Thanks for your order again:) Best regards, ASTARIAS

  • Title:mr
    Where can I purchase the AS-B035 gray bluetooth keyboard? I live in the US
    Admin reply

    Hi, thanks for your inquiry. Please forward to NEWEGG website link to buy the item. And for large order, please contact us: NEWEGG:

  • Title:Mr.

    I saw a YouTube video of a light-blue, four-button, Blue Tooth device that can control an iPhone camera including zoom. I believe it works with the BT Shutter app. No product name or model number was provided. This is the only thing I can find like this on the internet and I really want one. I got this URL from the video credits, but I don't see this product on your website. Can you help me? Thank you.

    Admin reply
    Hi, thanks for your inquiry of Bluetooth Remote Shutter with Zoom. Now we have a new remote shutter with video function. Pictures will update to your email. Would like offer for you. Please leave me your address and phone no. Best regards, ASTARIAS
  • Title:How to buy
    Hi there, Could you please advise me how to buy your forearm rest online? I am base in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks.
    Admin reply

    Hi, could you please leave us your email address? Would like to offer a website link to you. Thanks

  • Title:I want to order keyboard
    How to order keyboard? I am in Spain. Thanks
    Admin reply

    Hi, thanks for your question. We have distributor in Spain. Do you want to place order in big quantity? We could offer OEM and ODM support. Looking for cooperating with you:)

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