AS-1280 compact wired USB port keyboard

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AS-1280 compact slim keyboard is build in 78 keys

Compact keyboard build in 78 keys

It is ultra slim and mini style. Wired USB 2.0 port connection. Plug and play no need any drive.

Keyboard support Windows, Mac OS and Linux system.

There are 3 different colors for selling, white, black and silver.

Offer different languages layout such as English UK, English US, Germany QWERTYZ, French AZERTY, Italian, Nordic, Belgium QWERTZ, etc.


Keyboard connect in wired cable


Trendy design with metallic silver finishing.

Includes 78 keys for efficient data input.

Super slim and light which easy to carry around.

Mini size which takes less desktop space.

Perfect choice for notebook users.


Keyboard in X key design



• Interface: USB 2.0

• Dimension: 28.5 x 12 x 0.4 cm

• Color: Metallic Silver + White

• Compatible Devices: PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox360, Windows 8 7 XP Vista


Wired keyboard support Windows, Mac OS, Linux system


For more info, please click website: AS-1280 USB 2.0 Cable Keyboard


Keyboard in different colors, white, black, and silver